Telegram for iPhone

Telegram for iPhone and iOS


Telegram for iOS is an instant messaging application that its best virtue is speed and safety, it is extremely fast and gratuity.

You can synchronize Depesche to all your devices, so that you can use Depesche ios in your computer, your iPhone or in the Tablet.

With Telegram for iPhone, you can send a quantity ilimitiada videos, messages, photos and files as ( doc. Pdf. Zip ).

Telegram lets you have up to 200 contacts, be able to send broadcasts to a maximum of 100 contacts.

Telegram iPhone

Latest version Telegram iOs

  • ┬áVersion 2.14
  • Send multiple videos at once and you can also add your comments.
  • Send Stickers from a dedicated tab. ( The settings you can activate from Chat).
  • You can crop, edit and rotate videos before the share, in this way you will be surprised at all your contacts with your videos).
  • Install and share custom stickers.
  • And if you’re crafty you can create custom Stickers legitmate using our bot@stickers.

If you want to download to your iPhone Depesche allright here

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