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Line Apps

Line has different applications that are: Popcorn Buzz, Line@, aillis, B612, LINE ART DECO, and line card LINE Brush, line tools, LINE, LINE Antivirus and Line SnapMovie. If you want to enjoy all these applications along with Line, in your iPad download Line for iPad and enjoy the new version designed for iPad.

Popcorn Buzz

With Popcorn Buzz you can make video calls of up to 200 people. Have fun with your friends speaking voice and putting your cameras. Discover another way to talk with the known instead of face to face. Popcorn will allow you to communicate with your friends thanks to the so-called group.

Line Popcorn Buzz


Line@ will allow you to be able to create an account more than line that will be available to all users. Use it to hang information and do business with different people. In this type of pages you can upload all kinds of information and images while they are in this topic.



In aillis there are more than 5000 options of different filters, frames, stamps text fonts other things between them the stamps will be offering free throughout the week. Participates in aillisWeb site and thus earn more stamps and things that you can serve.

Line aillis


This way you do photos we will go well with all the world that are the selfies. What selfies can only be done with inner chamber that allows you to watch yourself to the screen. Get your photos with your friends and family to save it in your file and thus have more photos. The selfies will provide you a way to make the photos.

Line B612


With Line deco you can put your own wallpapers. It is an application that decors your mobile with different images. Some of the images that you can find by Google to put them on in the background you can also get photos with people you know and follow any wallpaper. It is as if you had a profile photo you can hang up a photo in which you’re displayed and seeing yourself instead of an image of a doll or some object.

Line Deco


Line Card gives you gift cards so you can give it to someone to hold something, important events or when it is the birthday of someone.

Line Card

LINE Brush

With Line Brush you will discover your creative side because you can create your photos drawings only. Have Fun painting on any image that you find and decorate it to your liking. Are impressive things you can do with your own images and this is all thanks to Line Brush.

Line Brush

LINE Tools

Line Tools is an application that gives you all kinds of tools you need to be able to use them. Discover all the types of tools that you like.

Line Tools


Line Play Web site gives you all kinds of characters with which you can choose what clothes to put, create your own avatar and enjoy the chats with your friends. She plays with them and have fun with your new avatar.

Line Play

LINE Antivirus

Line Antivirus allows you to protect you from any virus on your Smartphone, and personal information. This Antivirus Software will ensure that you can settle games and applications without that you will virus in your Smartphone.

Line Antivirus

LINE SnapMovie

With Line SnapMovie you will create your own movie and editaras as you want. Hardboiled effects music to make your movie more interesting. With this application you can put together videos and create your own movie. Enjoy SnapMovie and avail the opportunity to discover new things for this application.

Line SnapMovie

Line for PC

Line for PC together with the versions of line for Android, iphone, Windows Phone and other mobile platforms, is one of the messaging applications that more news and Apps complementary develop. Here below we’ll Line, of the applications that come with it and its functions.


Timeline, Snap Movie and add friends easly in line for PC

With Timeline you can share your photos, videos, and stickers with your acquaintances, relatives, friends, and with all the people you chat and keep conversations more private. Timeline and enable you to be able to communicate with many people.

LineforPC Timeline

Snap Movie

With Snap Movie you can create your own videos of what you want but with a maximum of 10 seconds. Share them with your friends or people you know for all to see. Add music and images to your video.

Add friends easily

If you want to have friends easily remains with them and put the mobile together swirling. There is another way to add to a friend that will be putting your ID or using the QR code Added to all the friends possible so that we can communicate with them.

Send free messages whenever you want

Send free messages when you want and from wherever you want to be able to talk with your friends more easily. Creates groups and invite your friends or join in their groups in order to chat with them at the time. Some of the instant messaging applications are iPhone, Android, Windowa Phone, Blackberry, Nokia Asha OS and PC.

Video and voice calls free

Call your friends and enjoy the video calls for free. Put your camera so that you can see and speak from the mobile of each one. With some applications such as Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and PC you will save yourself be with your friends to talk with them. This will help you communicate with them. <br> No matter where you call from, talk to your friends for free and forget about the distance.

Line for PC videocalls

Discover a new way of communicating with the stickers LINE

With the bonus stickers in Line you can express different faces with which your friends will understand this. There are thousands of stickers that some of them are Moon, Cony Brown, James, Jessica and Sally. Uses the stickers to talk with famous people and communicate in a different way and more fun. In the shops of emoticons you’ll find more than 10,000 different sides.

Line for PC Stickers

Share photos, videos, and voice messages

Share photos, videos and voice messages with your friends and family. Sends phone numbers and data to know where you are. In Line you will meet many people, thanks to the communication and discover new sites.

Line for PC share images and videos

In addition to the latest news from the artists and the best products, you’ll also get coupons

Works in the page Line and hang up your artist or favorite program so that your friends can see and find out about news you can only get in line. In addition you will get coupons. Thanks to all this kind of thing Line will become more popular.

Line for PC new cupons